Takemusu Aiki

Takemusu 武産 can be said to be the result of long and hard practice (Shuren) of Aiki 合氣 that "gives birth" (Musu 産) to martial qualities (Take 武) such as, Rectitude (Gi義), Courage (Yuu勇), Benevolence (Jin 仁), Respect (Rei 礼), Honesty (Makoto 誠 or Shin 信), Honor (Yo 誉) and Loyalty (Chuu 忠). These values are associated with Bushidō 武士道, the Japanese way of the warrior. Noble and valorous these qualities depicts the fruition of personal maturity and responsibility inherent in the human potential. Takemusu, more than just being the spontaneous interaction, intuitive response and creative action in the practice and play in the art of Aikido, it is a maturation of an ideal human engagement in relationship with oneself, with others and with society at large. It is a spiritual development that embraces humanity in its totality. Through dedicated training and lifelong interest in human and spiritual evolution we come to see that the quality of engagement we have with others lends itself to a different kind of experience. A birth of a communion and shared values that is never seen in the isolation of the private and merely personal domain of life. Takemusu then, is the birth of a shared identity; a realisation and creation of our inherent unity and oneness. This is seen in the dojo on a smaller scale in our joyful and dynamic interaction in training, sometimes to a greater or lesser degree, but nevertheless it can be tasted and recognised if wholeheartedly pursued.

Shuren 修練 - the polishing and kneading of one's spirit, forging it into something strong and bright through sincere and dedicated training. The meaning of Shuren is training or discipline. The word carries a strong connotation of serious training. The first character shu can also be read as asamaru and means to hold firmly. Ren can also be read as neru meaning to knead or polish.

Peace in Aikido can be exercised. We practice peace, therefore we call it non-violent. Peaceful Aikido doesn’t mean it’s not effective or dynamic. On the contrary, the skill and art of blending, or more precise, matching the interaction, the awase, the aiki, lends itself to the most effective conflict resolution. By means of a stable centre we absorb and redirect an opposing force in order to influence and infiltrate the other. By expanding we come in contact with the other and are able to gain access to his or hers body and energy. We connect our own self physically, mentally and spiritually to become one unit, one entity. By using Aiki we dissolve the attack and naturally aggression can be neutralised and subside. To make peace we have to be peace, and peace only comes from the surrender of our ego. Surrender in order to match, match in order to affect, and affect in order to share. Share the peace that arises when you are one. Takemusu is the birth of peace and non-resitence through Aiki. 

The coming together in Aikido is a dynamic event. Peace is a dynamic event, not placid nor dead. In peace we find love and intimacy. Love is alive and such becomes our relationships. Real peace is to come alive together in love.

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