Integral and Evolutionary Aikido

A New Direction and a Wider Perspective

Trancend and include. Based in a traditional form, we study from the ground up. Our raft, so to speak, is the Iwama system. Correctly understood it establishes a firm foundation and as we grow and mature as aikidokas and as human and spiritual beings we evolve beyond rigid adherence to form. We internalise the structure and let the principles guide us, allowing for natural spontaneity and inspired creativity to come alive. Opening up our perspective to include all things in order to blend and match in our interactions, becoming whole in the process.

See and understand Aikido in a new framework. Translate traditional ideas into modern integral philosophical understanding. Incorporate the wisdom of the past with a language suited to a new generation of aikidokas. Leave fixed and rigid ideas behind and embrace a living transformative investigation into the nature of being itself, and realise a unitary vision in relationship. Come to a first-hand experience of unitary consciousness.

Evolutionary Aikido points to the developmental process in time. An in-depth practice and inquiry of the principles and perspectives of Aikido reveals a direction towards greater inclusion and wider understanding. Join us in dialogue and share a joint exploration into the essence of being in relationship. Come together to investigate the dynamics involved and open up to unprecedented intimacy and communion. Learn about the process of change, face your reactive fears and overcome your inhibitions. Train free flowing Aikido movement, let intuition lead you and become inspired to challenge your own limitations. Find the creative edge where you spontaneously discover ever new ways of relating and communicating. Find that your mind embraces a larger sense of being, including all circumstance and points toward infinite possibilities and unlimited potentiality.

Creating and opening up to a new context; a surround system that includes the individuals in a holistic whole, becoming aware of a higher shared intelligence accessed through selfless participation.

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